Denver’s 10 Coziest Cocktail Bars

Bundling up with a quilt and a pair of fuzzy socks isn’t the only way to get cozy this season. We’ve found comfort in the warm corners of Denver’s coziest bars. And with a jazz band gently rolling on in the background and the smell of freshly shaken cocktails in the air — real life can seem miles away while you lounge and sip with loved ones. Whether it’s 15 degrees and snowing or 50 degrees and sunny, that’s what Denver’s coziest bars have to offer.  And as winter begins to settle in, we’re dr

Jovanina’s Broken Italian

From Thai to French, soul food and Chinese — there seems to be a never ending stream of opinions when it comes to what does and does not belong in the dishes of these regional styles of cooking. And the pre-set rules of “Italian” cooking are no different. From the bread of Tuscany to the pizza of Naples, this iconic country is riddled with cooking styles and each come with their own set of expectations. For centuries, the line that divides properly prepared Italian food from the so-called impost

Middleman Brings New Mexican Inspired Drinks and Food to East Colfax

This June, Middleman, an elegant neighborhood bar, will open its wooden doors on East Colfax, where character and flare are prevalent and late-night concertgoers can be seen roaming the sidewalks nearly every evening. Inside, quality cocktails and bar bites inspired by the flavors of New Mexico are crafted to order. And the fare isn’t the only thing that’s handmade at Colfax’s newest bar. Everything from the wooden tables that adorn the built-in booths to the bartop that thirsty locals will lea

Narrative Brings Contemporary American Dishes to Cherry Creek

“That’s our biggest hope,” beamed executive chef Paul Nagan. “…to become that spot that everybody talks about, everybody’s got a story about.” Narrative, Cherry Creek’s newest restaurant located in the recently opened Jacquard Hotel, opened Wednesday night with the ambition of becoming a neighborhood spot for great food and casual conversation. And the cuisine, dubbed “contemporary American,” is in-line with that vision. “The concept of the menu is definitely contemporary American… traditional

Denver’s Sexiest Cocktail Bars

Whether you’re Tinder dating over cocktails to find that perfect someone, drinking your weight in martinis to numb the loneliness or using what’s left of the Denver Passport, there’s no shortage of sexy spots to sip in the Mile High. The Lowdown: Tucked away in Denver’s beloved Berkeley neighborhood, this contemporary cocktail bar is turning heads. New kid on the block, Tatarian, is churning out unique adult beverages with an emphasis on herbs, roots and spices. The ambiance is modern and fresh

Our Favorite Booze-Filled Coffee Drinks and Cocktails in Denver

Need we say more? There are few things that Denver dwellers appreciate more than coffee and alcohol. These are two of our favorite substances and now, you don’t have to crush a Four Loko to reap the benefits of this combination. There is no shortage of craft coffee and exceptional adult beverages here in The Mile High City and some had the bright idea to marry the two. 303 Magazine has put in the work to bring you a guide to the best of Denver’s coffee meets alcohol combinations. The Lowdown: M

Safeword is Giving Denver’s Women Creatives a Chance to Network

Contrary to what Mean Girls may have taught you, women supporting women is all the rage. And despite societal pressures, many women have realized in recent years that the road to success will be paved by teamwork rather than competition. This is why Bryn Carter and Shayla Preeshl teamed up — to create a space for women to meet, mingle, create and collaborate. The two creatives came together from backgrounds in modeling, writing and styling to make a space for women to connect in what they deem t

Local Band is Rising From The Ashes After A House Fire Took Everything

Bands start over all the time. Whether its due to a disagreement in direction, lost band member or change in leadership — the life of a musician is notorious for ebbs and flows. Unfortunately for one local band, starting over has taken on a whole new meaning. “We were just having a regular practice session,” explained Shamson Sundara, guitarist for local post-hardcore punk band Seven Sea Voyage. “So I see a bunch of what I thought was vape smoke and I was like, wait a minute… no one else is hom

Lady Jane Combines Retro-California Flare with Modern Cocktail Bar Chic

Since 2016, Hudson Hill has occupied a quaint and cozy space on 13th and Pearl — bringing in early birds and nights owls alike. And now, the owners of that beloved bar have opened a second in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood. Lady Jane, a new California-inspired lounge, just opened on 32nd Avenue and the owner Jake Soffes believes that like his previous venture, it’s just what this community needs. “Hudson was the first business that I owned personally and I really loved doing it,” stated Soffes. “I

Ru Johnson Talks Power, Politics and Her Departure From Denver

– “My apologies in advance ’cause this shit is not humble,” Ru Johnson said with a confident smirk. “It’s just time for me to leave the Denver space, there’s nothing more here that I can offer that I haven’t already done.” Whether you agree with Johnson or not, there’s truth to the statement. Is she humble? Not a chance. Has she made her mark on Denver? No doubt. The 34-year-old entered the scene 12 years ago as a go-getter from the East Coast. She started her company, Roux Black Consulting,

Local Boutique Owner Provides Online Escape for Modern Moms

It’s not easy starting a business from the ground up — especially as a mother to three young boys. The activities that most perform naturally every day, like eating, working out, getting dressed in anything other than sweats or simply taking a shower are added bonuses. A mother of three basically has three full-time jobs. Katie Lynch, does all of this with grace while managing an online women’s boutique. Kate + Grace Boutique began when Lynch realized that driving to a store to shop just wasn’t

Review – Billie Eilish Was Exactly What We Expected, in The Best Way

At 16-years-old, Billie Eilish has a stage presence of someone far beyond her years. The California-hailing singer-songwriter’s enchanting performance at the Bluebird Theater Friday night involved a simple set, with just her, her brother Finneas, a guitar and the occasional ukelele. Her performance, however, was anything but simple. She played nearly every single fan favorite off her new and old albums. Over a span of an hour and a half, she returned to the stage for not one, but two encores and

Meet Denver’s Next Big Bluegrass Band

The sweet sounds of a fiddle, mandolin, guitar and bass fill Denver’s Cerebral Brewing every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. And when local band Turkeyfoot plays, they convince all in attendance that this form of music is worth paying attention to. “I’ve always loved bluegrass, but just kind of quit playing all together when I moved to Oklahoma City,” explained lead singer and mandolin mastermind Jordan Brandenburg. “Then I moved here to Denver.” Brandenburg’s move to Denver was the catalyst in rekindl

Mythology Brings Cocktails and Cozy Quarters

Mythology is the newest distillery to land in the LoHi neighborhood. Producing scratch-made spirits and unique craft cocktails, the idea for Mythology, however, didn’t come about in Colorado. Rather, as owner Scott Yeates explained, it struck him during a trip in Alaska. When the weather was too cloudy to heli-ski, Yeates and his buddies settled for visits to the local distillery — and the rest is history. “The three of us came up with this idea because the helicopter doesn’t fly if it’s cloude

Call is Making Functional Day Drinking Possible

Call — a dual restaurant concept from Craig Lieberman (the founder of neighboring cracker company 34 Degrees) opened nearly a year ago in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood. With not even a year under its belt, the unassuming eatery located in a former residential house landed a spot on Bon Appétit’s coveted Hot 10 list. With detailed, yet simple food and drink programs — Call grabbed attention both locally and nationally and now, they’re looking to do it again with a new fall cocktail lineup. With warm

Hello Denver My Name Is Brandon Parker

Welcome to our series, Hello Denver, My Name is… where we profile people in Denver that you probably don’t know — but should. Get ready to meet painters, dancers, comedians, musicians, designers and just generally fascinating people that help make this city awesome. “What are your hobbies outside of work?” This is a common question asked in the office and amongst new friends — very rarely does one get the response, “I do magic.” But for Death & Co bartender Brandon Parker, it’s more than just a

Death & Co’s Third Denver Bar

Months ago, Death & Co made its Denver debut in a big way. Straying from the style of its snug space in the original New York City East Village location, it took over The Ramble Hotel in RiNo with some exciting concepts. And while the sheer size of the space is a far cry from its original famed location, the vibe was not compromised. From the lush velvet couches to the thick floor-to-ceiling drapes, elegant marble countertops, dark wood accents and dimly lit chandeliers, the Denver location may

Leven is Elevating The Traditional Deli In The Golden Triangle

Delicatessens are nothing new in the American culinary scene. Since the mid-19th century, these casual community spots have been hubs for those looking for a quick bite at a great price. Anthony Lygizos and Luke Hendricks, two Denver restaurant professionals, teamed up to bring their spin on a deli concept into the modern era. By marrying the bold flavors of cured meats, pickled vegetables and homemade dips with a casual and approachable environment, the two created Leven, which just opened in t

How Colorado’s Noosa Built an Empire From a Spoonful of Yogurt

“It was just one of those stop you in your tracks taste moments,” stated Aussie ex-pat and Noosa Yoghurt co-founder Koel Thomae as she explained her first encounter with the yogurt recipe that, quite literally, changed her life. “I was living in Boulder at the time, working for Izze Beverage, and had returned home to Austrailia to introduce my family to my now husband. We were walking on the beach in Queensland and stopped at a local corner shop and I spotted this clear container, with a pop of

Q&A – Cherub Talks Fame, Fans and Feelings

For many electro-indie fans, Cherub has become a household name. And while you may know some of the band’s international hit songs like “Doses & Mimosas,” “XOXO” and “Freaky Me Freaky You” — you may not know the men behind the music. In 2016, 303 Magazine sat down with the duo backstage at Red Rocks to talk about their new album Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence as well as their future plans. And now, we’re reconnecting with Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber to get the lowdown on their lives both professi
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